Ethical approval and Publication

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There is much to be achieved once your research is complete. This package is the next step for getting your finished project ethically approved and published. It includes Principal Investigator, First Author Letter to Participants, Proposal Stamping, Ethical Approval, and Research Publication.

  • Checking for plagiarism & literary theft
  • Reworking project to ensure it is publish-ready
  • Senior researcher to stamp the research proposal
  • Provide ethical approval
  • Publishing your revised research project
  • The journal’s fees are included

This Package is divided into 3 major phases:


Phase 1: research paraphrasing and plagiarism checking

Phase 2: first author letter and ethical approval

Phase 3: research publication

*If a refund is requested for this service, it will be calculated for the current phase—but will not include reimbursement for previous and completed phases.



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